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12-18 march 2016



Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) is an annual gathering of international scientists and policymakers who advance Arctic research. ASSW provides opportunities for international coordination, collaboration and cooperation in all fields of Arctic science.

9–14 March: Model Arctic Council

12–15 March: Arctic Science Summit Week

15–17 March: Arctic Council / Senior Arctic Officials

15–18 March: Arctic Observing Summit

The latest news about ASSW

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AOS Themes Identified

The AOS seeks to pursue activities that improve Arctic observing for applications including climate research and delivery of useful products to Arctic stakeholders.

Learn about ASSW 2016 in Japan

Arctic Science Summit Week 2016 is a year away, but it’s not too early to learn about the program, events, and activities being planned!

Save the Date: ASSW 2016

More than 500 scientists, policy makers, administrators, students, and members of the media from around the world will attend Arctic Science Summit Week 2016. 

Spotlights and Speakers

Arctic Science Summit Week will feature prominent scientists in a wide variety of Arctic research disciplines.

Mary Ehrlander

“The Model Arctic Council 2016 will engage students from throughout the circumpolar north in tackling issues of urgent concern in the rapidly changing Arctic.”

Scott Rupp

“This is an unrivaled opportunity to bring together science and policy on all things Arctic.”

Hajo Eicken

“Building on existing partnerships and a long tradition of collaboration in the Arctic, ASSW/AOS 2016 is part of a much bigger collaborative effort.”

Larry Hinzman

“A great opportunity for leaders of arctic science, policy, technology and security to share knowledge, understanding, challenges and collaborations.”

The golden heart of Alaska

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